Social Media Course in Egypt


Right now, your competitors are using all internet tools (Social Media, Blogs, Mail Campaign .. etc) to advance their personal and corporate brands, generate revenue, increase customer loyalty, and recruit top talent in order to gain leverage in your industry.
internet tools could give you a clear advantage in the marketplace, but now they are mandatory for reaching customers, building relationships, and becoming a recognized name.

Social media is revolutionary and has changed our culture because it has leveled the media playing field and demolished corporate hierarchies. It cuts through geography, race, gender, and age. It actually allows you to measure your own success immediately, in contrast to other media, which only let you estimate conversion. It's the Social Media Time, Do not wait more!


Understand the underlying principles of using Social Media to engage with your clients and target audience Formulate an action plan that combines the key Social Media Networks and tools Effectively create compelling content to increase your online presence Monitor the success of your Social Media campaign.


E-marketing Staff, Marketing Staff, Secretary, and Fresh Graduated.

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