Photography & Videography in Egypt

People are paying for the story behind your product or services. More than their actual need to the features. So, inspire them with marvelous visuals that perfectly narrates a dozen words. Through our photography and videography services. As we guarantee you the best-visualized content quality in Egypt.

Visual content counts nowadays. Drawing its spell on customers in a very short time. Stimulating them to take immediate purchase decision and so increasing your ROI (Return on investment).

Our photographers are the most professional ones across Egypt. Collaborating successfully with the photo stylists and photo editors’ team. Producing high-quality photos that saying much about your business and main message. Whether its food photography, product photography, social media content, architectural and interior photography, portrait photography, action photography and more.

Using the latest photography equipment like drone, DSLR cameras and studio equipment.

Coming for videos, we deeply understand how powerful they are. Going viral at once. So, we keen on shooting you professional videos. Where every single shot is catching your audience interest till the last ones of smooth, interesting sequence, Entertaining script, the best lighting equipment, all camera types, full sound system and equipment. Providing the best post-production services in Egypt like video editing, color correction, animation and more.

No need to deal with mature photographers or videographers. As Tiye Solution is here covering your events, wedding and conferences all over Egypt. With high-quality and competitive prices.

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