E-Catalog in Egypt

Being the pioneers of E-catalog services in Egypt. We totally recognize the need for manufacturers, traders, and users to expand their reach. Having larger customer base in Egypt and worldwide. So it’s time to update your services with an E-catalog one!

This E-catalog is the key giving you the edge over your competitors to be always up to date with a few cost in a very short time because there is no reproduction for the normal catalog which is already becoming extinct. All you need is to enjoy the E-catalog bunch of benefits like:

Immediately update your products list

Save yourself the hassle of printed catalogues' time and costs. Create your new E-catalog and immediately develop day-to-day product update basis. With clear roadmaps, planning, troubleshooting and full marketplace services. Increase your profit on spot. As no more drop in sales due to new product launching time and promoting.

Easy sharing & distribution

Quantity is no more matters! As you can share your products, collections and more. With any of your customers across Egypt and the world. Through E-catalog and without losing a penny on ink, papers or massive mail campaigns.

Hitting your customers' exact needs

Satisfying your customers’ deep needs is the best to get higher sales conversion. With E-catalog you are closer to their purchase behavior. Knowing what are the most products they browse. When they made an order. What're their actual problems?


No more fatal mistakes! As you can smoothly and quickly solve whatever problems happened. Edit the inputs, whether its delivery date, price, product name and more.

Building long-term relationship with customers

E-catalog giving you the golden chance of providing more information about products and the company itself. Which the customers could use as a reference for their later purchases. It allows them to communicate with you. Easily building trust and so increasing their loyalty.

Expanding on wide-scale & increasing sales

In a blink of an eye, you can easily receive orders and sell to anyone on the world map not only in Egypt. Expand your customer base. Through simple e-procurement system. Just create your E-catalog now and watch your sales jump!

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