Online B2B marketing Course in Egypt


Online B2B marketing is managing the online marketplaces accounts for businesses that sell goods or services in the local market or in the global market.

Effective and Efficient management of these accounts, it will be translated into sales leads and opportunities.

This course is very important for corporate sales & export staffs who seek to increase direct sales, and for marketers who search for new markets and struggle for higher market share.


To have the know-how of B2B portals and its work methodology.

To discover the secrets of online B2B market spaces.

To increase your online sales worldwide.

To expand the work relations and get more attentions for your company and products.

To be known in the online globe with an auto optimized way.

To attend all the online fairs 7 days a week.

To have the missed culture which how to deal and gain through the internet.

To use the modern techniques in marketing, sales, and export.


Export & Sales Staff, E-marketing Staff, Marketing Staff, Secretary, and Fresh Graduated.

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