Customer Services Course in Egypt


The ultimate goal of this Customer Service Excellence trining course is of course increased customer loyalty and retention. This requires the integration of many different parts of a business, from senior management to the sales force, from marketing to production and human resources.


Recognize what 'customer service excellence' really means - to you and your customers Understand the logic behind spending more on valuable customers, rather than "one-size-fits-all" marketing Understand and shape the role of each employee in the customer value chain Identify 'best practice' in managing different customer situations, including complaints Motivate and maintain morale in front-line customer service staff and teams Integrate all aspects of your organization to manage and exceed customer expectations Develop, motivate and inspire customer-value staff to deliver high quality consistently Measure and assess how well customer service standards and objectives are being achieved Overcome internal communication barriers Form stronger relationships with individual customers through interactive Customer Centric (CC) processes and standards.


Customer Services Staff, Sales Staff, and Fresh Graduated.

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