News Websites Design in Egypt

Tiye Solutions is a leading company in website design in Egypt, provides very strong offers for designing news websites based on search engines standards, as well as compatible with Google News' policies and conditions, as all the designs of the news websites of Tiye Solutions are distinguished by high taste and the choice of consistent colors as well as the choice of suitable fonts to have a character of your own and separate from all the news websites on the Internet:

Important Elements of Any News Website:

Website Speed:

Speed of website pages makes visitors browse the site freely and fluently, without having to spend a long time waiting for pages and news to load.

Search Engine Optimization:

Optimizing the website to the search engines, which makes your pages and news in the top of the search results, which in turn increases the number of visits to your website, which will return you a lot of profits.

Accepting in Google News:

Guarantee of acceptance into Google News as a result of following all Google News terms and policies during design.

Ability to Fetch News:

We also, according to the customer’s request, support him with the ability to automatically fetch news from news websites, which the customer will specify by adding the RSS feature to fetch news and articles.

Design Compatibility with Different Operating Systems:

We also design news websites in a way that is compatible with all devices that run on Windows, Android or iPhone systems, meaning that the design is 100% Responsive.

Social Networks:

We also link the website to social networks.

So if you want to create a news website that gains profit don’t hesitate to contact Tiye Solutions the best website design company in Egypt