14 Ways to promote your Online Store | Tiye Solutions

14 ways to promote your Online Store | Tiye Solutions

Do you have an online store!? Good job, it's very important step for your business, but have you promoted it yet?

promoting your online store is more important than having it, so let me open your eyes on the ways you can promote your online store through.

Marketing your online store is not that difficult mission, you have only to pay attention to all everything around you.

Here's the first and most effective way.

The Influencer Marketing

It became very trendy and important nowadays, to have influencers reviewing and recommending your website to their followers. Also its rates considered cheap comparing it to another paid online ads

Recommending & Reviewing

Through Videos, even live videos on their most active social media account, a post with live photos of your products.

While using it, or describe it in details to their followers, make them highlight it as a story for a whole day.

Also make them tag your account and post your online store link, So it's easy for their followers find you.

Not only tagging but include you in Facebook recommends in their post.

This way help building trust specially to people who are always hesitated to make a new purchase.

asking others for their previous experience, and look for reviews.

Criteria to Carefully Choose Your Influencer

-Not any influencer suits your target audience or even your brand or product.

-Take a deep look on what your target audience are interested in, topics they love to investigate and here about.

-Then who is the most perfect one deliver them such content and engaging with them actively.

-Choosing randomly depending on the popularity may affect your business negatively.

-It's not important to choose an influencer with millions of followers, it's okay if you approached a macro one.

-Who have from 10,000 to 100,000, as we said before it's not by popularity but by "who" suits you the most.

Expert Influencers

This is considered an advanced way of Influencer Marketing to apply.

A consultant or professional, well known advisor in your business reviewing or recommending products on your online store is great.

As it increases your credibility and audience's trust in their quality, which pushing them to quickly search for your one.

Most E-commerce Marketers consider Influencer Marketing as the most effective channels to promote your online store by 20% according to Databox survey.

Your Web Design Affect Your Sales

It's super important to have clear, organized and catchy web design, as first impression lasts.

It has great effect on people desire to make an order, or to have a look on products and sections.

As people first, have a scanning look on the main titles, sections, visuals and if it's okay they proceed making their order So always keep your web design catchy, by clear products' description, try including special key words in it.

Don't name your products with weird or funky names, but keep it in simple words that refer to its color and type.

Make it a clear map, and always ask them their opinion, review or feedback.

It's better if asking them in form of pop up message to remind them commenting by their fed back.

Allow questioning section that providing public and private answers via mails, so they will not struggle reaching you The repetitive questions have public answer, while the special complains and questions have private answers.

The commenting or any interacting on your online store will give the sense of community.

Building another trusted and affective channel of communication between you and your audience.

Allow them also to make accounts on your online store, if it's possible.

So you may later make them a wish list section to save their best products and choices to purchase later.

Give a super care to your stats, as tracking your audience is your best source to know their purchase behavior.

Knowing what products, they are viewing the most, is it what they purchase at the end or they switch to another?

As the reason for not buying it may be a long cycle for payment or ordering.

What are the most sections they visit, the photos they review and the bottoms or areas they click on?

They may be thinking of these areas or visuals as bottoms because of their color.

That's why they couldn't proceed purchasing a product.

You can maintain all these data and analysis through Google Analytics and Heatmap .

There's another way to keep long relationship with audience visiting your online store. through E-mail Marketing.

E-mail Marketing, The best tool to promote Your Online Store

Surveys proved that it's the most useful tool to promote your online store.

As when you make a pop up massage to tell your audience to subscribe.

Keeping "subscribe now" always a consistent option or bottom, once they give you their mails.

Then you can target them by Email campaigns through MailChimp.

Including your signature with the online store link, it's easy to do it through Wisestamp.

That's how you successfully have the golden chance to make retention to them.

Ways to make retention to your customers

1-Send them personalized offers on the most products they make a purchase, and ask about.

2-Monthly news teller about every new service, topic or product in your industry.

3-Offer them to subscribe at your blog, to know more tips and tricks about the topics they are interested in.

4-Specific mails to tell them about your new arrival products or the products they were requesting.

5-Keep them updated with their most preferred products news, as if you have another extension, colors or models.

6-Send them offers in their birthdays (in case you requested it while making an account), Halloween, Black Fridays and other occasions.

A lot of ideas right! That's why E-mail marketing got more than 30% of being the first effective tool for online store promotion.

According to Databox survey and 60% voted for the same tool for MarketingSephra research.

PR is Also a Good Tool

As we said before, you should use every single tool around you, and that's how youi could use pR ones.

Sponsoring Events

Search the most effective events in your industry and where they are taking place.

If there's a chance to sponsor it go ahead, it will work as publicity to you, where you can give people your flyers.

Increasing your brand visibility, and if you brought some of your product samples to make people try or test, it would be great.

There's no budget to sponsor such events!? You may offer them partnership related to your field, like organizing and moderating.

So you can place your small booth and start to promote your brand.

All of the marketing tools and materials you will use, should include your online store address.

press Releases

people always want to feel updated, by hearing new news, partnerships, or even problems you overcame successfully.

So if you have one hurry and announce about it in a press release.

Which will include your online store link at the end of it, in the contact information.

Contact Magazines and Newspapers to publish your news

You should pay attention to what news magazines and newspaper are publishing about you especially the online one.

So make sure that your image is good, regularly send them some news about your business and products to publish.

There's no new news to publish?

It's fine, just send them a written review about your products or service to publish, including your online store link.

Online Forums

Having a strong presence on the online forums and professionally answering questions related to your business.

Will push people to know more about you and your business, searching your online store and quickly trusting it.

Try expanding your Shipping Service

As "We're shipping our products around the world" at the top of your website could be itself a free promotion.

people online are always asking on the places you could ship their orders to.

So if you could make massive number of deals with shipping service companies.

You could cut half the way of your site promotion journey.

Competitions and Giveaways:

people around the world like to win, and to compete on something, even if they don't really need it.

So always announce on your site, social media accounts and emails, on giveaways and challenges.

You can make it a way to even push your audience to make a referral to their friends.

By telling them that you could have special a coupon up to 30% on any product they prefer.


Creating a blog with tips and tricks, information about your audience interests and most searching topics, related to your products and business.

Could make you good promotion for your online store, grabbing wide base of potential customers.

Through including a link referring to your store in every post. You may ask well known bloggers to recommend your blog also, or guesting one of them in yours.

For Example, When Shopify realized that people are mostly asking about drop shipping. it made them blog post about it.

Which for sure will increase their traffic and visits back to its online store.

Include also updated infographics about your industry and service, as people always searching for such type of content.

There're many free and inexpensive sites design you one like Infogram, piktochart and Canva.

Strong presence on Comparison Shopping Engines

To have high ranks or even presence on such websites like Google Shopping is perfectly marketing for your online store.

Also reviewing websites is useful for such objective, like the website for reviewing and listing restaurants.

Make Use of Online paid Ads

Here we have variety of options to use and promote through the online store.

Google Ads

It's important to make sponsored appearance on google search using Google Ads.

This tool is very useful on the short term, in gaining traffic and increase visibility.

Also it helps in generating blog ideas and knowing what words people search about exactly.

To include it in your next blog post, and your products' description through Keyword planner tool.

Facebook Ads

Through Facebook Ad Manager you can reach your exact target audience wherever they are.

Just give a deep care to the demographics, and interests of your audience while you are doing an ad.

As Facebook will show this to specific people with job titles, joining specific groups.

Having same interests, searching for related topics., also you can make a very good use of Facebook Market place.

As many people depending on it to buy products and compare prices.

Not only Ad Manager what you can benefit from Facebook, but also controlling What's App, Messenger and Instagram ads.


That's why Instagram comes after when we are talking about promotion on social media

Because people recommend mostly Instagram for promoting products, as it depend on visuals.

Also paying strong attention to people interests and needs on it.

So including your online store in most of your posts is really effective.

pay attention to spread that link also in any Facebook massage or Instagram DM.

When people send you asking to make an order and don't forget to include it in your about it's a must.

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOM)

Your best service, product quality and your CRM (customer relation management) program.

Is your ultimate best way to make people themselves recommend and promote your online store.

To promoting your online store is not that hard or need a great fund or budget.

But need creative ideas to make use of all tools you have online or even offline tools or to contact Tiye Solutions directly to present you the best online store digital marketing service in Egypt.

Have you started promoting your online store yet?

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