We are all currently living in the social media era, so Promoting your business, brand, product or service can benefit from digital marketing and Effective digital marketing strategies change rapidly, leaving many brands to either evolve or die. There is an urgent need to re-evaluate what works while avoiding certain mistakes in these trying and crucial times.

Most of the population are active on social media and can’t ignore online marketing on their business and Companies are increasing their investment in digital marketing

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When digital marketing is used effectively can increase the leads of sales by 50% despite the current economic situation, build your presence well and also increase brand awareness.

By 2023, global digital marketing spending will reach $146


Many of these companies continue to make the same digital marketing mistakes that affect traffic, lead generation conversion rates, and ROI, learning from other marketers’ mistakes is always better than making your own, and some common marketing mistakes can terrifying results for their business.

Are you letting one of those marketing clutter scare your customers away!

Top marketing mistakes that can hunt your business

1- Lack of clear strategy & plan: Without a plan and vision, there are no goals to follow or methods backed by research. If you start marketing your business without a marketing plan, you will waste your money & your time. You should build your marketing strategy by defining your target audience, setting your goals, knowing what you want to achieve, and finding out which marketing channels resonate with your target audience Your plan should include time, frequency, and costs so that every aspect is accounted for.

2- Lack of setting your goals: The first thing you need to define is the goal, whatever you do digital marketing, print marketing, or word of mouth, without setting your goals you’ll not be able to know if your marketing worked or not.

Defining goals for each marketing campaign help you to design a successful marketing campaign.

3- Not including a clear call to action: It will be nice to look at direct mail article, advertisement, or website and inviting to read it, but it's worthless if your audience doesn't have to take action after reading it.

You will waste the time and efforts that you put into communications when you fail to define what you want people to do when they receive your marketing piece.

4- Low visibility: Not understanding how to get media placements, writing press releases that will never be covered, communicating in the wrong places, ineffective communication. All of these conditions lead to poor visibility in the market and, ultimately, loss of income generation opportunities. So the strategic approach for gaining visibility is critical.

5- Not monitoring the results of your marketing efforts: Tracking the results is the most important step in marketing as it saves time and money by learning which marketing efforts are working and which aren’t. Now it’s easy with digital marketing tools to gather data on how customers respond to your message more than before that will help you to get better results.

6- Asking for sale & being away from value: Most companies in their marketing doesn’t talk about the product or service and the potential customers will not be aware of the value, they highlight the price, so these will end up negotiating price with the customer, but it’s too false not to let people know what you do for them. Let them know the value of the effort that they are buying the right product at the right price so the customer doesn't need to bother about the transaction.

7- Forget the exciting customers: it’s a big mistake from many business owners that they spend money on attracting new customers but fail to sell or complement sales to their existing customers. By focusing all your efforts on attracting new customers, you are spending too much money and neglecting a very important group of people that they already know & understand your value, so you should know that the person who has already bought from you one time before is the best opportunity for you to immediately sell another new product or service.

8- Not bragging about success: Many companies get prizes, win great new contracts, hire new employees, move to a bigger position or contribute to a societal cause, but then fail to tell the market but people want to do business with successful companies, so you must start seeing your accomplishments as your ticket to generating more credibility with clients, and more revenue for your business. Business owners should learn how to flaunt their success comfortably and gracefully.

9- Falling to follow up regularly: After a networking event or after completing a direct mail campaign or lunch with a potential client, you can go back to your business and neglect to follow up, but this will lead you to loss of beneficial relationships or new clients.

10- Imagine that you don’t need marketing: small businesses owners don't go for marketing at all as they are afraid that the marketing will overwhelm their business and they thought that they don’t need marketing as they have customers that they are already interested with their products or services. No matter how big a business you have today, failure in marketing will propel your business to the ground.

11- Not having a blog on the website: most of online experiences start with a search engine. With over two billion blog posts appearing alone on the Internet every day, optimizing your content for search engines is the only way to gain visibility and attract organic traffic. Blogs can build a relationship with your prospective customers.

12- Not using SEO: Ignoring SEO can be harmful as customers won’t be able to find you. To make sure that your website contains keywords and phrases that people are searching for.

Take some seconds to think of Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Vodafone stopped marketing when their brands went global?! It’s too hard to imagine or think! But their brands would have lost their influence.

In general, marketing is a complex process that, for many, takes a series of trials and errors after another. However, with this list of 10 mistakes to avoid, you can save a lot of time, money with Tiye Solutions to hopefully approach success with much less frustration.

With Tiye Solutions, you will have a powerful marketing campaign that will connect you with the right clients, get people talking about your company, introduce your product or service to the media, and build your business for financial success. But the wrong marketing can do the opposite.