Here the courses are broken down to see what kinds of courses are available and to help you to choose which course you would like to study. Click on the required course in order to have the full details and then apply online or give us a call.

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Social Media Course

Right now, your competitors are using all internet tools (Social Media, Blogs, Mail Campaign .. etc) to advance their personal and corporate brands, generate revenue, increase customer loyalty...


Sales Course

Sales is life itself. Also, sales is the life for companies because without cash flow; you'll not continue in your market and you'll consider a past. So building a Sales Team is the milestone for each business HUGE or SMALL...


Practical E-Marketing Course

Kickstart an exciting, dynamic career with our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. Whether you are a business owner who wants to improve your online engagement or a complete beginner, this diploma is perfect for you...


Telesales Course

Millions are lost every year by poor handling of telephone enquiries. Customers who are well handled will call again and bringmore business. Most poor technique is not through indifference, rather a failure to see things from the customer's perspective....


B2B Markting Course

Online B2B marketing is managing the online marketplaces accounts for businesses that sell goods or services in the local market or in the global market. Effective and Efficient management of these accounts, it will be translated into sales leads and opportunities...

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Customer Service Course

The ultimate goal of this Customer Service Excellence training course is of course increased customer loyalty and retention. This requires the integration of many different parts of a business...