Web Design & Development

As first impression lasts. It's no more an optional business decision to have a visually appealing website. Where simplicity speaks out the main message. Providing essential information within a simple layout and solid navigation system. Considering the latest UI & UX design trends. Here, you are one step away from your ideal website. With one of the most web design and development professionals in Egypt like Tiye Solutions. We are fully aware that web design requires the right balance of sound marketing strategy, compelling graphic design, and easy-to-use content management tools.

So we develop each website with an understanding of how to motivate your visitor, using your organization's marketing goals as the main catalyst for action.

As you might expect, Tiye Solutions knows how to deliver eye candy with the best of them.

But we also as one of web design and development giants in Egypt understand that a website has to earn its Trust and not just sit there looking pretty.

That's why we design every element of your site depending on a deep knowledge of each one, to work hard, as well as be aesthetically appealing, as follow:

Photos: Visuals are the best way to tell a story and catch your customer attention. We do care to choose the best, with perfect loading time.

Fonts: Because clarity and reading speed matters. We make sure that any text will be displayed clearly on whatever device your customer is using to dive through your website. As we depend on Web Safe Fonts, like Google Fonts.

Easy navigation: Where's what I'm looking for? If your navigation system didn't lead them quickly to the answer, surely they will leave. So, save your customer time and gain their trustworthiness with super easy and fast navigation.

Loading time: Always remember that your customers are impatient. If your website taking a long loading time they will flee away. Considering SEO, lately, it became one of the important ranking factors.

SEO Optimization: Tiye Solutions pays most attention to your ranking too while building your site. We create the XML map for a smooth web crawling later and working closely to provide the best UX for better ranking results on search engines like Google.

Mobile friendly: Mobile users are the majority nowadays. Creating a mobile responsive design is a priority on our list to maintain such huge customers’ base.

A/B testing: It's a very important step to test how your site matches your ultimate goals. Making sure that every single page is impressively working with no technical problems.

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