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Online Advertising

People now tend to go online and so industries, even developing the idea of having “digital” shops to sell items and gain profit and so, online advertising had the lion share of the different types of advertising.

Many marketing agencies tend to be specialized more in Digital Marketing services and Media Buying could be their piece of cake and best services. As one of the best Digital Marketing services provider in Egypt, we’re going to tell you more about different types of online advertising.

Native Advertising:

This type of ads is one of the most satisfying types of online advertising for the general public and those who prefer to browse with an ad blockers.

It’s may be indirect way to promote your services or products online. Through paying (or sponsoring) the content of well-known digital publishers, platforms, accounts or pages.

To promote or mention your services and giving a fruitful hint about it within their episode, video, blog and more.

In other words you pay publishers to craft your brand content and distribute this sponsored content to their massive audience through social media and their website.

What is Social Media Engagement?

It’s a meaningful connection of a clear goal with your audience and potential ones, which indirectly will boost your brand ROI (Return on Investment) and brand image too. Helping in positioning and building a long-term relationship with your customers and making retention.

It’s not about catching a trend or funny tone but it’s a process where you build, manage and measure the impact you’ve done in your market, building positive brand experience.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Among the different types of online advertising, SEM is the most common ones as after doing your keyword research, you and other businesses like yours will bid on specific keywords through search engines.

So that once your audience search down this keyword your site supposed to appear on the first pages.

By some techniques you could target a specific website to go up, higher than it in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), it may be your competitor though.

In this case he could know that you are targeting him. Mainly Giants of specific field are the ones who tend to follow such techniques.

As this type of ads are depending on Keywords, so it’s mainly a text ads form in opposite to display ads which depend mainly on visuals.

These ones usually listed at top or even sides of the SERP and it appears on Google or Bing (which considered the main search engine in some countries) It depend on PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Thousand).

- PPC:

The way you bid on keywords and then results appear at the top of the SERP based on bid value.

This one considered the best way to be charged as it counts whenever people click on the ad and the easiest to track while running the campaign. It may consider the best practice to get more traffic.

- CPM:

This way will charge you upon a flat rate for 1,000 impressions, so it’s easy to apply a budget for specific number of shows on the SERP.

Warning! In case no one clicks through, you may risk overspending as you’re paying for wasted results, more over, you can’t assess or even track the campaign till it’s over.

The form of this ad depending on a title, description and CTA (call to action), taking in consideration to heavily rely on the targeted keywords.

Optimization is a critical phase to keep your budget and results on track. So keep an eye on analytics of your search ads as it help you analyze and improve results to reach even more people.

Keep excluding and including keywords that count in a bid for better results while running the campaign and always think about user intent while choosing the types of ads to run within the SEM ads whether it’s shop, purchase or map.

Display Ads

It’s one of the best types of online advertising. It’s the most ones which depends mainly and may be only on the art work and entertaining visuals that representing your service or product to get promoted.

Display ads are these types ads that appear on third party websites and actually had evolved from the banner ads basic form and it have many types including:

- Floating banners: The banners which move across the screen or may be floating above website’s regular content.

- Static images: These types of ads are simply basic banner or square appears around the site content.

- Wallpaper ads: The ads which filling the whole page of a website, and changing its background.

-Popup ads: It’s considered like a window which appears over the site content.

-Video ads: The small autoplay videos that appears aside the page of a website, some of them may wait for the visitors to play them.

-Flash ads: They are the moving ads which viewing different content for the visitors in no time, so they called flash ads.

You could contact the third party site directly to seal the deal or contacting special digital marketing agencies or through Google Ads which allow demographic, geographic, contextual or behavioral targeting.

But keep your promoted art-work as creative as possible with a deep look through targeting and always keep optimizing.

As people now are too familiar with ad blockers as they developed banner blindness, considering display ads that distracting and irrelevant.

Social Media Ads

As it became a vital thing in our days, it’s that important too among types of online advertising

Whatever your business goal is, you will reach it and fully satisfy your audience needs through social media ads.

Your goal may be brand awareness to address new potential clients, conversions, getting qualified leads for new Real Estate project or even website traffic.

The form of these ads can be simply anything from an image with a caption, or some of images together in a carousel or album, an auto-play video or a catalogue.

Social Media targeting is that detailed as targeting could include age, region, interests, educational background and more.

Promoting your products or services via social media counts many advantages. As you can reach a very specific target audience thanks to the wide targeting options.

It has variety of ad formats to advertise in a way that meets with your business goals, driving quality leads and maximizing profits with low budget in comparison with the other platforms.

Among different types of online advertising, social media ads have the most different types of platforms where you can find different segments with different needs to target.

The most eight popular ones nowadays are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, YouTube, Snapchat, and finally, the newest one TikTok.


This type of online advertising has a special technique in tracking your usual users to show them your ads more and more.

As when users visit your website, it drops a cookie on them so that your ads can show over and over wherever they are browsing across the web to remind them of your product or service.

This type of advertisement is inexpensive as it reminds people of you who already know who you are and improve conversion rate.

It could be applied through Facebook or Google remarketing and to set it up you may contact a third party or a professional digital marketing services provider like Tiye Solutions, one of the giants in Egypt.

As it mainly depends on the customers or users that visited your site before and already have the interest or show it somehow, to make conversions.

While visiting your site, these people surely went through the brand awareness phase and ready to be pushed for a purchase decision.

Email Marketing

As long as you have a strong data base, you can best use it in an Email campaign. You can achieve highly profitable conversion goals as it’s cheaper, faster and effective form of online advertising.

Through Email marketing you can build customer loyalty, boost sales easily track the results get the perfect use of its insights to monitor your ROI.

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